Fall Fragrance and Aromatherapy Guide | 2020

Fall Fragrance and Aromatherapy Guide | 2020

MINISO Fragrance Atmosphere Lamp

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The Fragrance Atmosphere Lamp from MINISO is not only a diffuser and lamp, but also a decorative artwork that creates a romantic atmosphere for your home. Coupled with it, their “Make your home more COZY” package also comes with Scented Candle and Scent diffuser.

Earth’s Elements Essential Oil Roll-ons

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Earth’s Elements new line of essential oil roll-ons are infused with crystals. The organic roll-ons combine specific therapeutic oils and gemstones to assist individuals in setting intentions and connecting spiritually whenever and wherever they need. Each roll-on contains vegan, nontoxic ingredients specifically chosen to enhance and strengthen the individual’s intention. Apply the roll-on to pulse-points or chakras and allow the powerful combination of Mother Nature’s tools to guide you in receiving wisdom with gratitude. For example, in the ‘Intuition’ roll-on, the fluorite gemstones combined with a therapeutic blend of patchouli and lavender oils assist with meditation and quieting the mind to promote clarity and a higher state of awareness. For fall, I love:

  • Passion Organic Roll-On: Red Jasper gemstones with a blend of Cedarwood, Patchouli and Rose oil to help reconnect with your passion, excitement and joy

    Spirit Organic Roll-On: Amethyst gemstones with a blend of Lavender and Sage oils to help relieve nervous tension and promote healing and emotional support.

Red’s Gone Green Clove Cinnamon Vanilla All Purpose Cleaner

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It is the best smelling Fall scented household cleaner

* 100% natural

* multifunctional: household cleaner, air freshener, car interior cleaner

* handcrafted with a high percentage of pure essential oils

* made in the USA

Shop: Clove Cinnamon Vanilla All Purpose Cleaner

Isle de Nature

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Isle de Nature is a luxury home fragrance company inspired by nature. Their scent coin is infused with a fragrance indigenous to the tropical island of Dominica and provides an olfactory escape. Ideal for spaces like closets, offices, drawers, etc, it makes a great stocking stuffer. Shop: $20 www.isledenature.com.

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