Quick-to-Follow Fashion Tips for Working Women

Quick-to-Follow Fashion Tips for Working Women

Deciding to what to wear every day can be a challenge when you might be in a rush to start your day of work, whether that be over a video conference or when you have to head out into the daily commute. So having some handy tips to make your life easier whilst keeping you in style at work could be the difference in whether or not you start your day with a smile. At Hush Style, we think you can look great whatever it is you’re doing and work shouldn’t be any different. So take a look at these quick-to-follow tips to ensure that you stay on top of your fashion even when you’re having an exceptionally busy week:

Plan your outfits the night before

Not only will this save you time in the morning, it will mean that your outfit is much more coherent than it might otherwise be. Some people can think well under pressure but for so many others, especially when tired, it can be very difficult to visualise the right outfit and put it together well. And if you find the only thing you can think of needs ironing, then you’ll be even more pushed for time! Planning ahead can alleviate this stress and means you go to work looking and feeling your best.

Have a dedicated bag

Rather than swapping your items over and potentially forgetting something which is crucial, why not have a set bag that will go with every work look you will be wearing? If you invest in the right piece, perhaps in a designer bag then it will elevate your work ensemble every day. Stylish and durable thanks to superior materials and manufacturing, you can step out of the door knowing every element of your look that day works well and makes a statement.

If in doubt, add a scarf

Even the most plain of outfits can look instantly more vibrant and interesting if you add a stunning scarf to it. A plain black skirt and roll neck jumper, for example, will look completely different if you have a heavily patterned or brightly coloured scarf tied at your neck and it takes no time at all to add in. You can even do it whilst walking out the door!

Don’t forget your footwear

The wrong footwear can change an outfit completely so invest in a couple of pairs that you know will look great with all of your work outfits. These days, ankle boots are incredibly popular with skirts and a pair of killer heels will make a pair of basic trousers look infinitely more stylish. So kit yourself out with one or two pairs and you can throw them on in an instant to make sure you look good from top to toe.

Looking great for work doesn’t need to be a rare phenomenon that you can’t maintain every day, week in week out. With a bit of planning, and the purchase of a few key items and you’ll soon be able to get dressed in a flash and look fantastic every time you step out of the door.

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